About The Restaurant (Lotus Eaters)
Our aim at the Lotus Eaters Restaurant is to produce quality Greek and other well known favourite dishes using, wherever possible, locally produced products.  We believe we have achieved this through constant communication with the local suppliers and our Greek friends and neighbours.
Our Food
We buy all our meat from the village butcher who in turn sources from local farmers. Cretan meats are very high quality. For a real treat have us order and prepare for you a leg of organic lamb marinated in olive oil, garlic, lemon juice, thyme and oregano then slow roasted ready for your reservation. A small leg is perfect for two.

Vegetables, salads and fruits:
All of our vegetables, salads and fruits are sourced from the village co-op or local markets, with fresh deliveries coming into the village from all over Crete. Whether it is potatoes from the plateau in Lasstiti, oranges from Chania or courgettes and peppers from the villages surrounding Elounda, quality is always at its best.

Chef recommendations
Crispy fried courgettes.
Dakos, traditional Cretan barley Rusk topped with finely chopped tomatoes and crumbled Feta cheese

Our fish:
We buy all our fish from a long established local supplier. We believe simplicity is the key to quality fish dishes. Try our grilled sea bream with a traditional lemon based dressing or bass, steamed with spring onions, ginger and light soy. Shrimps and calamari are also available.

Chef recommendations
Deep fried calamari with a hint of paprika.
Prawn Saganaki, prawns cooked in a rich spicy tomato and Feta sauce finished off with a dash of Ouzo.
Grilled sea bream, served with briam (a medley of Mediterranean roast vegetables).

Restaurant Opening Hours:

Early April to late October - 11.00 to 15.00 hrs (with kitchen closing at 14.30) and 18.00 to 23.45 hrs (with kitchen closing at 22.45)


Closed Tuesday lunch times.

Restaurant No.: 0030 28410 41538
Mobile: 0030 6947640407
Email: dannyt167@gmail.com

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